Modern Rehabilitation in cosy environment

Kitinkannus offers modern quality rehabilitation for both inpatients and outpatients in a welcoming and cosy environment. Clients feel relaxed at Kitinkannus, because the Establishment is neither too big, nor too small. In addition to the values of safety, professional skills and attentiveness, we are also renowned for our good results from treatment, rehabilitation and the care provided.

Kitinkannus is situated in Central Ostrobothnia, near the centre of Kannus, amidst a fresh pine forest, and good connections affor easy access. Walking, jogging, hiking and skiing routes can be reached right from the courtyard, and there are also public swimming pools and sports fields nearby.

Our multi-professional personnel utilise the latest technology to provide our clients with the best possible individual rehabilitation. We have acquired a Lokomat walking simulation robot, which represents the latest European expertise.

Neurological Rehabilitation

A professional team formulates a rehabilitation plan and follows its progress. Rehabilitative treatment is implemented round the clock at Kitinkannus.  Rehabilitation is realised by the multi-professional cooperation of doctors, registered nurses, practical nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and, if necessary, speech therapists and neuropsychiatric  coach.

With the help of operational therapeutic exercises, the objective of physiotherapy and occupational therapy is to restore the functional capacity of the rehabilitee to be fit for home care.

The facilities and exercise equipment of Kitinkannus are well-suited for neurological rehabilitation. For example, we have a Lokomat Walking simulation robot, an H/P Cosmos body-weight-supported walking exercise machine, a BalanceTrainer and Tymo for balance and standing position training, Pablo for hand exercise, basic physiotherap equipment, modern gym machines, a sports hall and therapy pool, as well as diverse equipment and facilities for occupational therapy.

Rehabilitees can take part in various structured leisure activities, lectures, exercise and discussion groups.

Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation at Kitinkannus

The individual skills of the rehabilitee and the jointly agreed objectives rehabilitation are taken into account in choosing physiotherapy methods. Natural, everyday situations and the development of the necessary skills are the focus of occupational therapy also with orthopedic patients as well as with neurological patients. The facilities and exercise equipment of Kitinkannus are also well-suited for postoperative rehabilitation. Most important thing is to learn to manage by self in the new situation, for example with the new hip or knee.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Our institution has a valid agreement on outpatient rehabilitation of severely disabled persons with the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), different insurance companies and Soite cooperation area. We also can have self-financing clients attending Lokomat-therapy, physiotherapy, pool therapy and occupational therapy. All of our rehabilitation equipment is also utilised in outpatient therapy.

Lokomat Walking Robot

Kitinkannus has invested in the development of rehabilitation, expertise of the personnel and new technology. The first Lokomat walking robot in Finland was introduced at Kitinkannus in August 2010. The Pediatric orthoses for walking robot were procured in 2016. This robotic device has been especially designed for neurological rehabilitation.

Generally, Lokomat therapy is recommended for patients suffering from spinal cord injuries, paralytic strokes, different neurological disorders and various musculoskeletal problems. A client who cannot control their standing position or handle their body weight can also learn to walk using the robotic device.

How does the Lokomat work? The patient walks automatically with help of harnesses, handles, the unweighting system, treadmill and motor.  The effect the robot has is based on the right gait pattern, which reminds the brain of how to walk correctly. The gait technique of the patient may have been impaired, for instance, by a stroke. Upright training promotes recovery. Gait lenghth, angles of the hips and knees, walking pace and possible body weight support can be adjusted with a computer. At first, the robot can do all the hard work for the client, but as the therapy progresses, the proportion of the patient´s own muscular work is increased. The Lokomat walking robot is used to complement other rehabilitative physiotherapy methods. 

Many patients get to walk on their own feet for the first time in a long while with the help of the Lokomat walking robot. This also gives extra motivation and energy for their rehabilitation. The personnel at Kitinkannus want to give everybody the chance to walk!